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It Is The Right Watch!

The lowdown: What time is it? Time to saunter over to the Village of Merrick Park’s newest addition — Van Der Bauwede Genevè. The store marks the Swiss born luxury watch and jewelry brand’s first U.S. flagship boutique.

“Customers can expect true elegance and luxury. The Van Der Bauwede Genève brand boasts an array of unrivalled collections offering a multitude of styles, from dress to sport chronographs, feeding the sophisticated tastes of today’s modern businessman and highly refined woman,” says U.S. President and CEO of Van Der Bauwede Genève David Rolland.


The ’hood: Situated inside the Village of Merrick Park, the shop is surrounded by Swarovski, Babycottons, St. Hubert Fine Pens and Equinox Fitness Club and Spa.

The ambience: Think Van Der decadent! Chocolate wenge wood and padded suede mocha walls strewn from floor to ceiling, mirrors with LCDs and luminous crystal cases enclosing candy-colored prisms of gems and delicate metals exude a marvelous mood.

Highlights: Get lost with the brand’s Labyrinthe Collection ($3,900 to $20,900) — these timepieces flaunt mazes of jewels, iridescent mottled crocodile leather, interlacing numerals, 49-month autonomy and pin buckle engraved with the Van Der Bauwede crest. Other standouts include the Snake ($16,900 to $38,900), GT Evolution ($2,500 to $44,900) and 4 Seasons ($2,900 to $44,900) collections.

The CEO says: “Van Der Bauwede Genevè is an independent Swiss watch and jewelry brand steeped in classic horology and cutting-edge fashion,” Rolland adds.

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