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Ceramic Plates To Commemorate Any Occasion..

Our personalised commemorative plates and ceramic greeting cards make an ideal gift to welcome a new baby, for a christening, wedding, anniversary, retirement, birthday, for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, as a Christmas gift or any occasion. We have recently invested in equipment to enable us to glaze photographs onto china. Previously the only way to decorate china with a photograph was by sublimation - a combination of special ink, pressure and heat onto china that has a special coating. The end result was poor when compared to glazing, and the only plates available in the UK with the required coating did not meet our quality standards. Now we can glaze a photograph onto china you can commemorate the birth of a new baby, a Christening/Baptism, a wedding, a special anniversary, a graduation, or any special occasion. Unique gifts or keepsakes for yourself. We can glaze any greeting on the cards. There is a choice of designs for any occasion, and we print and glaze your personal message inside the card. A unique, inexpensive keepsake that will be treasured for years. Commemorative plates are available from other sources - but none are quite like ours! We glaze the wording and onto the china, the finish is similar to a coffee mug or dinner plate. Others you will find on the market have hand-written wording because that's the only way others can make them, and you will find the number of words is very limited. With our commemorative plates you can have as many words as we can fit on the plate! eva stamp 3 Our commemorative plates are particularly popular to record the details of a baby's birth (baby plates) or christening, or for a wedding or anniversary; but we can make them for any purpose, just tell us the wording you want. Plates have a gold rim and come in a smart satin-lined presentation box. The tankards too are popular as a new baby gift or christening gift, . But they are equally suitable for an important birthday or retirement. Our tankards have a gold rim and gold flashing on the handle, and come in a satin-lined presentation box. We recently added our Signed4Keeps™ signature plates to our range. Our other commemorative plates are personalised - you tell us the wording you want and we glaze it onto the china. With these signature plates, we glaze a few words and a design onto the plate, you then add the rest of the wording with a special pen, leave the plate to dry for 24 hours, and then bake it in an oven for 35 minutes to seal the writing! Suitable for a new baby, christening, a wedding or an engagement, an important birthday or anniversary, a retirement or leaving gift. Any occasion, just tell us.
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